The New Grand Old Party (NGOP) is a public initiative to remove all the members of the GOP (Republican Party) who no long represent their constituency. Although many have rightfully stated that a completely new party is in order, the nature of the US primary system makes reforms much easier when done through existing parties instead of trying to challenge the two dominate parties in a general election. Where necessary, the NGOP can also select Democrat candidates when no other viable alternatives are available, in an effort to dilute the voting power of more radical elements of the Democratic party. Through a process of strategically selecting candidates, the NGOP seeks to maximize their voting effectiveness of their members through a more arduous vetting process and further the goals set out by the founders of this great nation.

This list is constantly evolving, please add any others resources in the comments

National Efforts:

Candidate Resources:

Red Curve Solutions – Political Campaign strategies.(Professional)

WinRed – Campaigning resources(Used by most GOP-ers to fund their campaigns).

828 Strategic – Free campaign marketing services for conservative candidates who are running for state and local offices. (work in progress)

Party Resources:

Network For America – Guide to becoming a precinct Committeeman (Excellent info)

The Precinct Project – An effort to take back the GOP internally on “committeeman” at a time.

GAB MAGA group – A place to connect MAGA candidates with MAGA patriots offering free campaign assistance

Voter Resources:

Register to Vote – A link to find how and where to register to vote

State Efforts:


The Right Lane Network – Arizona’s Conservative Community


Look Ahead America – Matt Braynard’s efforts to mobilize voters and ensure election integrity.


Look Ahead America – Matt Braynard’s efforts to mobilize voters and ensure election integrity.


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