Jan 6th Journalism

Glen Greenwald, an actual journalist, pointed out some facts about Jan 6th that were hiding in plain sight for anyone who bothered to look. In his Substack Article, Greenwald separates what is known about the events of that day, and what facts have been distorted our outright lied about for weeks now. Most importantly, that Officer Brian Sicknick (or any officer) was murdered as a direct result of a fire extinguisher wielded by Trump supporters. To date, their is no evidence to support that claim after seven weeks of time allotted. In fact, days after Trumps acquittal, The New York Times subtlety updated their “fire extinguisher” story after excreting it out on Jan 8th where it would be parroted by every other media outlet. Greenwald goes on to highlight many other staggering journalistic malpractices that have gone largely unchallenged.

The bigger story might in fact be related to the two officers(Jeffery Smith,Howard Liebengood) who committed suicide following these “riots,” and the misconduct investigations of 10-15 others. One would suspect it might have something to do with the fact they were abandoned by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser when she denied them additional support. The is further highlighted by the “vote of no confidence” issued by the Capitol Police against their new leadership after the existing leadership resigned as a direct result of the events of Jun 6th and political pressure from Nancy Peolsi and Chuck Schumer. Some might even suggest there were political motives behind the “insurrection” that was quickly retooled as a weapon against President Trump.

Of course, what is strangely missing from these stories is any admission of the Antifa (The Democrats Brown Shirts) penetrating this protest for nefarious purposes. In fact, right on cue, Snopes was able to “debunk” claims from post taken online of a doctored CNN chyron, and other outlets have been quick to drown any reports of Antifa’s involvement as “conspiracy theories” based on other bad information in a hit and run attempt to derail any reporting on the issue, but the facts remain. Antifa was there. The silly semantic debate about what “Antifa” actually is can continue in perpetuity, but people like John Sullivan, and other undesirables were there and there is no doubt they were not supporting Trump. Sullivan would go onto claim he was reporting as a “journalist“, but was egging people on shouting If we don’t get in, we’re going to burn this sh*t down, and was very much involved with the events of that day.