Godwin’s Law

Sometime in the 1990’s, Mike Godwin postulated that the longer conversations continue, the more likely a reference to 1930’s Germany will be submitted into the conversation. This would become know as “Godwin’s law.” The overuse of these types of analogies, combined with a poor understanding of the history of that time, usually makes these type of comments fall flat on their audience. In the end, that era in history is so emotionally charged that most consider any reference to it as “noise” unless it suits their politics.

They will not allow themselves to consider their own role in the future we face. The will never admit that people are much more pliable than they would like to acknowledge as seen in the Stanford Experiment, and that propaganda is much more potent than most modern people are aware of. They are being guided by mobs of hate, that have allowed themselves to create an “us” vs “them” vision of the world. We have seen this before. Sadly, most people will submit to authority and excuse themselves as only being compliant, while only righteous stand alone.