YouTube Becomes “Big Brother”

With the failure of the Election Rigging to go as smoothly as the Democrats would have liked, their allies over in YouTube have decided that the “public forum” they operate in needs less dissenting voices within it. The new guidelines have taken a page strait out of George Orwell’s 1984 in an effort to control what information gets promoted. In their bid to rid the world of “misinformation” and “harmful content,” they are forced to make subjective decisions on what is, and is not verboten. Free speech advocates will tell you that there shouldn’t be any restrictions and that all content should be allowed, but in practical terms YouTube is trapped in the room with their own monster as well.

YouTube is well aware of how easy it is for their product to manipulate people. Never before has been so easy for people to “go down the rabbit hole” and drift farther and farther away from what we call reality. YouTube, A Google Company, uses algorithms to direct what videos that cater to the users interest and continues to feed them that sort of content for as long as it can. The business model is to sell advertising, and the longer they have someone’s attention, the more they sell. Unfortunately, while YouTube might be gaining something out of this interaction, not all of their users will. Some might become better mechanics or learn a new sewing trick, and others might find that their flat-earth theories are validated or that aliens built the pyramids in Egypt.

Given that issue, YouTube has been doing everything from outright banning certain people from using their product to tweaking their algorithms to try and avoid this problem. This has actually been very effective at controlling the content that contradicts the personal biases of YouTube’s employees. For example, anyone who contradicts the WHO or CDC will be punished in some way, and they have even gone as so far as to ensure that certain words can not be said… even if they are factually correct. While we can’t read the minds of the people running YouTube, the result has been fairly clear: Conservatives and other dissidents need to be very careful about going against the orthodoxy.

The end result is two fold. First, conservatives have had their content actively suppressed on YouTube and other Big Tech infrastructure. Secondly, non-conservatives have had almost free reign in these spaces. Their ideas, both good and bad, get little to no push-back and some are even sponsored by these massive corporations in some way or other. It has made conservatives very astute at understanding both sides of an argument, while at the same time, creating a “hive mind” of their political opposites and empowering them with unearned authority in their opinions. In essence, YouTube has achieved their goal of battling miss-information on the MAGA half of the country very well…. at the expense of productive dialog and increasingly relevant facts that would help shape the future of this country.

This last two months has been a whirlwind of new information for all of us to sort through. Some of it has been total BS, and some of it was too egregious as well as politically explosive to push through YouTube and other Big Tech informational filters as “valid.” We know with the same degree of certainty that we know anything news related, that in April of 2019 Hunter Biden sent his laptop to be repaired, failed to pay the owner, who tried contacting the FBI in July, who waited till after the Ukrainegate scandal was mostly over to subpoena it on December 9th 2019, and for the most part ignores it to this day. That there is proof that Joe Biden’s son was selling access to his father with various foreign sources is the kind of thing that should be on the “public forum,” Just as the thousands of sworn affidavits from poll watchers should be a big red flag for anyone seeking the truth, but their voice isn’t part of the approved narrative. 2020 will go down as the most corrupt election in US history.

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