The Second Battle of Gettysburg

The city that marked a turning point for the Civil War in 1863, has now recorded another win against the forces that would seek to destroy this great nation. This time, the battles are fought over benches, and the bullets are well crafted arguments backed with mountains of evidence that form the legal bombshells being lobbed into the fray. Rudy Giuliani’s legal team advanced their case on Wednesday, as the Main Stream Media ran from the field and did everything they could to hide from the fight taking place. Alternatively, when they are showing interest, they pull little tricks like The Independent, making the sound so low that it’s almost inaudible for reasons we can only guess.

In tandem with the Giuliani’s efforts, Sidney Powell and Lynn Wood have been running separate maneuvers on the flanks of this stolen election. Powell’s cases are launched against the fraud going on in in Georgia and Michigan as well as the Dominion Voting Systems that we’re hoping to detail in the coming days. Wood has been working to outline the fraud that went on in Georgia and the elected officials that look to be complacent in it.

For those who would like to watch the full hearing, we recommend Right Side Broadcasting Network’s YouTube Channel:

Transcript of Hearing (Empty Placeholder – Still Processing):

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