The Race Grifter

Whether they’re dressed up like bed sheets in the rural backwaters, or giving powerful sermons in silk suits from the pulpits of impoverished urban neighborhoods, race grifters have made their living for decades advocating for people of their own race while lining their own pockets. Often, these people start off with some valid complaints, but are quickly taken in with their own rhetoric. As their following solidifies, and they soon learn (consciously or not) that the only way they can continue to be relevant, is through adversity against those who they contend are oppressing them. Rather than work to heal these divides, it becomes financially beneficial to see that they never get resolved and usually work to create further animosity and hatred within their own ranks.

In recent years, we have seen a paradigm change. With the rise of BLM and others, the race grifters are not just the simple minded fools of the KKK, or charlatans who have been corrupted by money. No, these folks are a mix of people from ideologically bound zealots, pseudo-intellectuals, socialist, anarchist, and savvy opportunist. Although most of them would espouse that they are fighting injustice, the motives of all of these people can very widely. For example, a politician might promote these activist every four years to generate a more active voting base and suppress their opponents ability to congregate, while a criminal might join a “peaceful protest” for the chance to get some free stuff.

Whatever the case, two things are for certain. Firstly, the people who “won” were least obvious progenitors of this war on urban America. The Establishment won. Trump is gone, and they are in full control. The large corporations will be able to absorb whatever damages were sustained (although we would assume most of them are well insured) and the small business owned by people in those communities will be forever altered in a negative way. Furthermore, the “defund the police” movement has also worked to make neighborhoods less safe. In essence, BLM did more to destroy black communities than the worst of the KKK ever could dream of doing in 100 years – and that is the point.

The Establishment has no interest in healing racial strife, or helping people in poor urban communities. The simply want to use them for votes, and political leverage every 2 to 4 years. They need them to be a monolith of victims. They don’t want them to succeed in anything. If systemic racism is to be rooted out, people need to start looking at those who stand to gain the most by it.