The Politicians Have No Clothes

In what can only be described as the pinnacle of political stupidity, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy gleefully throws half of his constituents under the bus while Democrats cheer him on. Rather than address the seriousness of the voter fraud allegations that have been largely ignored by the courts and tossed out on technicalities rather than merits of their argument. Instead, McCarthy chose to lambaste the people whose lives they’ve helped destroy as “un-American” for daring to march into a building bought and paid for by US taxpayers. This of course, comes in the aftermath of the politically contrived and scheduled race riots that have become a staple of the 2/4 year voting cycle orchestrated this season by BLM and Antifa that politicians have done almost nothing to control. In fact, some of main instigators of the occupation of Capitol Hill debacle may in fact be aligned Antifa/BLM(video Salty Cracker’s Take) and we find the timing of DC Mayor Bowser’s actions suspect too. At any rate, the establishment GOP was all too happy to be rid of Trump either way, and if they can cauterize him from any of his supporters all the better. They can get back to the affairs of state while pretending to support the people whose votes they have deemed not longer important.

Ironically, Congressmen Dan Crenshaw said the quiet part out loud. The GOP was never going to address allegations of voter fraud in any meaningful way. Senator Tom Cotton was at least open about it, and that should have been a signal to many Trump supporters that this was all Kabuki theater. Most supporters were somewhat aware of the lack of political options still on the table, but were incensed by Mike Pence’s statements December 22nd, that “We’re going to keep fighting until every legal vote is counted. We’re going to keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out,” but he waited till Jan 6th to write a feeble letter stating his intention to certify Biden’s victory. In the end, this was the “flipped switch” that changed the energy of what was a peaceful protest. Now the Establishment has their video footage they always wanted to further cudgel Trump supporters with while ignoring any of their grievances (video Tucker Carlson’s Take).