The Net Tightens

With the fraudulent election now “certified,” and the legal ramifications becoming more dire for those who perpetrated it, we can only deduce that Trump is tightening the net on his enemies. Trumps most ardent supporters have been waiting for news of a “crossing the Rubicon” event to happen at any moment, but they will be sorely disappointed to know that this Sun Tzu strategy is more about moving chess pieces within the state than any Boston Tea Party moment. Still, we would expect to that Christmas bring us some surprises.

Trump has extended the federal holiday of Christmas to include Dec 24th in a Executive Order for all federal employees with the exception of critical departments. Bill Barr, the acting attorney general will be stepping down on Dec 23, and be replaced with his deputy AG, Jeff Rosen. As of two days ago, the EO detailing the assessment of foreign interference in this election should have been initiated(and it looks like it has). With that, Trump has laid out the parameters for investigations into any potential voter fraud that may have occurred. Of course, given the traditional resistance to Trump within these bureaucracies, we expect that more heads will fall before this is over and Trump has made that easier to do in another EO.

With all the domestic issues at hand, the net will be widening to bring in China and all it’s influence. Trump has skillfully put the spotlight on our biggest adversary since before his inauguration and rightfully so. From the WuhanFlu to the influence they have over our elected officials, China has been working tirelessly to undermine the US. So then, why wouldn’t we expect them to be involved in this fiasco? Clearly, Joe Biden is ‘their man‘ in office and one has a difficult time digesting the fact that 80 million fully sentient humans voted for him. Given all we know about the size and scope of the voter fraud in this election, anyone who expects this to be over and settled by Jan 20th is going to be in for an unpleasant surprise. Buckle up. This is going to be a long and bumpy ride.