The Last Of The 4D Chess Moves

Playing chess is not for everyone. It requires skill and the ability to evaluate your opponent’s next move as well as your own. The 2020 election will go down in the history books as the most corrupt, least transparent election in US history. Joe Biden, an aging statesman with clear signs of cognitive decline was unable to fill even the smallest venues, was able to get 81 million ballots to be counted in his name. President Trump, On the other hand, packed stadiums and was able to draw people from miles away to wait for hours to see him, yet somehow was one of the few Republicans who “lost” this election? This unprecedented betrayal will not be forgotten my some, but it will be memory-holed by the political establishment so that only the most ardent historians can digest the full magnitude of what happened, but not the entirety of the who or the how.

With that, Trump is signaling his retreat to his supporters by signing a deeply flawed bill with the proviso that they will make adjustments. Democrats have chosen to ignore these adjustments and are pressing forward with the bill as it is in a clear rebuff to his remaining authority. The populist President has been using every legal avenue he has to try and secure his victory, but it’s looking increasingly doubtful that he will be able to remain in office for a second term to all but his more ardent supporters. What many of them may not realize is the importance of choosing your battles carefully. For them, let me postulate two scenarios.

In the first, Trump fights for and somehow wins his well deserved second term. With that, we can expect the media to do more of the same and continue to gaslight the public and even make the case that Trump “stole” the election through some dubious means (the irony isn’t lost on anyone here). With limited support from the GOP, Trump’s second term would be less productive than the first, and the best we could expect is more of the same dictates by EO and some extra federal justices that are not exactly impressing anyone at this point. The loose spending practices that Trumpism seems to promote will continue to go unabated and the Fed/Globalist will only have a stronger case for securing our finical system by further leveraging it against the majority of the population in favor of the elites. The “too big to fail” mantra of 2008 repackaged and forced down the throat of taxpayers again.

In the second, and more likely scenario. Trump continues to rattle his saber and presses forward with his legal challenges for as long as possible, but ultimately concedes to the the candidate who we can prove is compromised by the Chinese Communist Party since well before the 2020 election. From there, Chairman Biden enacts his legislative edicts from on high as the GOP runs defense on the more radical elements at least until the Democrats figure out how to push him aside in favor of Kamala Harris. Harris, a political chameleon, will chose positions best suited to ensure a 2024 win and should be somewhat moderate in spite of her wild senatorial record. This whole show will require the media’s compliance to ensure a smooth transition from one step to the next.

This is the part where the Democrats plan starts to fall apart…. Till now, the game relies on Trump being a sore loser and sulking in the basement, but it’s fair to assume he’s not the type. More than likely, Trump will take his new found populist fame and go after the real enemy of America – the culture, and more importantly, the media(cable news, social media). The same people who sneered at the though of a Trump presidency are setting him up to make him the de facto emperor of alternative media. When Twitter bans(or restricts) him, they’ll be giving the man with nothing to lose and everything to gain a reason to be back into his element of running a business with an instant 74 million person audience of disenfranchised patriots. As President, Trump was forced to work within the parameters of the office. Now, free of such restrictions, Trump will have the tools to destroy politicians at will with an army of excellent journalist, tossed aside by cult of wokeism, who have become quite aware of the problems inherent in our media today.