The Durham Probe

If in 2016 Jim Comey’s announcement of the existence of Hillary’s Emails (and exposing her lies) was tantamount to election meddling, what should we call John Durham’s total silence about the rest of what happened? By his own account, Durham was set to reveal his findings over the summer of 2020, but instead appears to have kicked the can down the road. With only one indictment coming from the Justice Department for the FBI attorney who forged documents in order to get a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page and by extension the Trump Campaign, the once vaunted John Durham is proving that The Establishment continues to get their way. Durham’s assistant resigned on September 12 and signaled it was “wrapping up”, although some initially hypothesized they were being pressured to finish early. With all that said and now that it really doesn’t matter anymore, voters should expect Durham’s revelations to be dumped on a Friday afternoon (when everyone is least interested in “news”) and quickly forgotten in the coming weeks.