The Cybercrimals of

With the rigging of the 2020 election, a significant group of disenfranchised Trump voters took to the online airwaves to vent their frustrations with what can only be described as a coup d’état. This motley crew of conservatives, libertarians, disenchanted democrats, trolls and other non-Russians exist in the vacuum that was created when Reddit decided that free speech was too much trouble to maintain and systemically began their purge of conservative content.

After being de-platformed and branded as bigots, fascist and worse, it was easy for the media to continue to make these ‘deplorables’ out to be intellectually dishonest actors whose sole purpose was posting funny memes, ‘trolling’ and sharing pictures of frogs without any further context into battle for ideas playing under the surface. They would not recognize that there was 60 million people who voted for Trump in 2016, then suffered through RussiaGate, Ukraingate, Phoney impeachments only to have their confidence in our voting systems destroyed.

No, the media and tech giants would have finally take a stand against freedom and ensure that their political advisories were cordoned off from the soft, malleable minds of the politically ignorant. They would never be able to make the mistake of seeing people like Jordan Peterson talk about responsibility and being a man. Or watch, Carl Benjamin make his case for liberalism and free speech. To them, even the fence sitting Tim Pool should be kept in check with an ever expanding list of no, no words. This pot of water has been slowly getting hotter and it’s clear to see that the 2020 election was going to be their grand crescendo.

This why many of us find it odd and even humorous that in this David vs Goliath situation, Fox News has the audacity to call them “Cybercriminals” for trying to evaluate what happened to our votes. Publicly available data that can be obtained (albeit for a hefty price) is being used by these “cybercriminals” to salvage what remains of our democratic institutions. We are Americans, we believe in the law, and the sanctity of our elections is paramount to this system of government. 2020 has been a real eye opener for some, but to the rest I would simply say, we will not be accepting edicts from above without due process, just like like we wouldn’t accept the King’s tea in 1773.

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  • Saralee73

    Good article! With so many people are feeling and Because conservatives don’t make the same noise liberals do doesn’t mean they don’t have strong beliefs and morals. It’s unbelievable of it turns this country is taking. I look forward to a resolution to this election and Reinstatement of our values and integrity! Thank you keep doing what you’re doing :-)

  • restlessPatriot

    What happened to the site? Has it been taken down?

  • Carl Wilson

    It was moved to

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