Schiller Institute holds “International Investigative Commission on Truth in Elections” – Bill Binney

The US 2020 elections are drawing international criticism. What may not be apparent to some people in the US, is glaringly obvious to those who are looking from outside our country. Democratic countries the world over are fully aware what rigged elections look like, and are calling it to our attention. We want to thank the Schiller Institute for hosting this event on November 28th

The first witness was Bill Binney. The former technical director at the US National Security Agency (NSA) and a very capable data expert, left the agency after becoming disgusted with the US complete and total lack of respect for people’s privacy in all forms of communications. The mild mannered public servant went on to refute the merits of the now defunct 2016 Russia election meddling and the “hacking” of the DNC servers with a simple antidote about how computers store data. Binney makes the case that the 35,000 emails published by WikiLeaks were copied, and not “hacked” from the their originals. Why is that important? Well, the US spent over 2 years and 20 million dollars investigating something without evidence, for reasons we can only assume were politically motivated.

Adding onto this, Binney goes onto explain that in 2005, Harri Hurtsi detailed just how vulnerable our election were. When Binney talks about the voting machines numerous issues, he states the obvious that main stream media companies and Democrat poll workers are unwilling to admit “They’re not glitches, software does whatever you tell it to do.” The increasing agitated Binney bemoans the complete ant total dereliction of duty that allowed these machines to be continually used without ever evaluating the source code(software that runs the voting machine). It begs the question: “why didn’t they”?

Bill didn’t stop there. He actually took the initiative to send out letters to every state and territory involved with these dubious machines. The former NSA expert did not receive a single reply. He further tried to initiate dialog about generating a method of validating voters while still maintaining their privacy, and got nowhere. This prognosticator of the future, basically called out the entire playbook of how this election would be stolen months in advance. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when the Democrats were doing the same thing in their own way.

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