Ron Johnson Holds The Line

With people from both sides clamoring for their government sanctioned redistributionism relief check of $600 as payment for their compliance during this pandemic, few US Senators really stand out against the backdrop of submission. Senator Ron Johnson has been battling efforts by some in both houses and sides to ram through spending bills loaded with pork without any oversight. After dragging their feet for months, the Nancy Pelosi and her comrades have been holding up direct payments of $1200 for covid relief in a clean bill demanded by the President, as well as targeted bills brought forth by Senator Johnson and his colleagues in September and instead engineered another last minute spending bill “crisis” to extort US taxpayers yet again.

In the end, the garbage that was brought forward was 5,593 page, 2.3 trillion dollar omnibus bill of which 900 billion was labeled “Covid Relief” which was so heavy it was wheeled into congress at the last minute before being voted on that day. Now, Pelosi is lying by stating the President never agreed to an amount, when in fact he did so in October 6th. This entire game has been political theater played by both parties, but some have been more stalwart than others and Ron Johnson (as well Rand Paul) have proved their metal even in the face of criticism from all sides.

As Johnson continues to be the squeaky wheel in this financial shenanigans, he’s also drawing attention to himself in his role as Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee where he is overseeing the massive election fraud perpetrated on this great country that the media refuses to investigate. It’s a bold move by this patriot that hopefully will pay off and save the Republic.

An Excellent ~45 minute video made by Senator Johnson outlining the most salient parts of the testimony taken so far: