“Plausible Deniability”

When Tony Bobulinski was feeling out the Biden family and trying to understand how their shady business practices were going unnoticed, he probed Jim Biden (Joe’s brother) with questions on “how are they doing this?” and to which he responded “plausible deniability“. By working hand in glove with the media, Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian debacle was pushed under the rug, while President Donald Trump’s perfect phone call with the new President of Ukraine was seen as political bombshell from a CIA employee(faux whistle-blower whose name can’t be mentioned) who worked with the Obama/Biden Administration in many foreign adventures including some in Ukraine.

Now that 2020 has been playing out, we see the same playbook being run. The Democrats deny any evidence of voter fraud for as long as possible, and stall in every way possible. Their efforts to stifle any transparency is completely backwards of the GOP’s willingness to comply with the Muller probe during the 2016 election when Russian pee tapes were all the rage. The deeper into this investigation we go, the more we find that everything in this election from the mass mailing of ballots, to the voting machines to the networks were designed to be abused and that the people who orchestrated it would have “plausible deniability”.

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