Pennsylvania –The Year of The Rat Unfolds, Part 1

2020 is the Year of the Rat according to the Chinese zodiac. Befittingly, there has never been a truer description than has come to unfold in 2020. On Wednesday, November 25th, Rudy Giuliani fervently unmasked the ugly innards of the Pennsylvania election process with one puzzling statistic after another.

If you don’t have 3.5 hours to listen to the entire hearing, we will sum it up for you with these straightforward info-graphics.

Rudy Giuliani Speaks

Election Night
“On election night, when I went to sleep, maybe when you did… President Trump was leading in your state by somewhere around 700 to 800,000 votes depending on when you went to sleep. That’s a huge number of votes! 65% of the vote had been cast under normal circumstances. Like, if this were a fair media, your state would have been called for Trump. I mean Virginia was called with 10% of the vote. What are the odds that they all switched overnight?… They just switched by the next day.”

Illegal Votes
“We have calculated, and the evidence will show that there were 682,770 mail-in ballots that were entered into your vote in just Allegheny County, and in Philadelphia that were not observed by any single Republican. Those ballots could have all been for Joe Biden, they could have all been for someone else, they could have had no identifying data, they could have been from the same person. There could have been multiples of them, there could have been no name on them. We have no idea if that’s true, and it will be very hard now to kind of put them together. We could ask and you could subpoena all of the outer envelopes. It’d be very interesting to take a look at the 682,770 outer envelopes… very interesting if they were kept, and it would be very interesting to see how many of them weren’t filled out, but in any event, under the law of your state, which is set by you—those ballots are illegal.”

Puzzling Statistics – Ballots Mailed, Received and Counted
“I’ll give you one other enormously puzzling statistic you sent out in the State of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania—1,823,148 absentee or mail-in ballots. You received back 1.4 million approximately; however, in the count for president you counted 2.5 million. I don’t know what accounts for that 700,000 difference between the number of ballots you sent out and the number of ballots that ended up in the count. That number 2,589,245 was on your government website until yesterday… and yesterday it was removed without explanation.”

Puzzling Statistics – Ballots Mailed and Dates Returned
“… As well as the explanation to the 22,686 mail-in ballots that were returned on the day they were mailed—that’s the trick. How about they were returned, how about 32,591 were returned the day after they were mailed. Another 20,000 were returned before they were mailed.”

Dead Voters
“… And I guess the crooks in Philadelphia are disappointed in this—they only submitted 8,021 ballots from dead people, mail-in ballots for dead people… probably easier for dead people to submit mail-in ballots than it is to vote in person. You had about 30,000 of those. We’re checking the records of the cemeteries around Philadelphia.”

With the real life drama and deception of any top rate scandal, this one differs in one befuddling way… the mainstream news has refused to cover it.


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