Kracken Realeased!

In what can only be described as a bombshell report, Early this morning Sidney Powell released “The Kracken“, a nickname given to the insane levels of voter disenfranchisement and fraud perpetrated by foreign actors in this election. Powell states that a minimum 96,000 votes must be disregarded in Georgia due to errors in chain of custody. She’s also requesting that the voting machines be impounded for further investigations, as well as a de-certification of the vote from that state and a full manual recount or statistically valid sampling of the legal ballots (verified signatures).

Of course, Twitter came to the rescue in 1984 style “big brother” double-speak to tell you that the court documents being provided by Powell’s website,, may take over your computer destroy your data…. Much like Dominion voting systems.

Powell would also go on to retween Twitter user Heshmat Alavi. He has done a detailed write up on how Iran and the NIAC(National Iranian American Council) have intertwined and lobbied to get Joe Biden back into power so that they will have a sympathetic administration back in office willing to be extorted by the much weaker nation for mysterious reasons.

PDF’s of Sidney Powell’s Complaints filed:

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