How Far Left is Your Right to Vote?

Do you really know who is counting your vote? There’s about a 56% chance that your vote was counted by Dominion Voting Systems. According to the Dominion website, 28 states use their voting machines to scan ballots and tabulate votes. These 28 states include several battleground states, such as Michigan, Georgia and Arizona.

During recent hearings detailing allegations of voter fraud, Dominion Voting Systems has been front and center—standing accused of voter manipulation and vote swapping.

Much like the Wizard in Wizard of Oz, Dominion would prefer you “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”, for fear we may see who’s really counting your vote. The infographics below will show you just how far left your right to vote is, by examining the Dominion Voting Systems Lobbyists, and their connections to the far left.

Company History

Dominion Voting Systems was formed in Canada in 2002. Since their start, they have grown 10,000% in 5 years.
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Who’s Running The Show

According to the Federal Elections Commission’s website, 96% of Dominion’s employees donate Democrat.
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Why is a Voting Systems Choosing Sides?

According to a 2015 published piece by The Washington Post, a vast network of donors for the Clinton Foundation included Dominion Voting—donating between $25,001 – $50,000.
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Dominion Voting Systems Lobbyists

David Phillip Cohen
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• Former Chief of Staff for Nancy Pelosi (View>)
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• Longtime Advisor to Joe Biden (View>)
• “Brian McKeon has been an integral part of my staff for more than 20 years” – Joe Biden (View>)
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William E Moschella
Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General
Assistant Attorney General
Chief Oversight Counsel, Chief Legislative Counsel and Parliamentarian
• “Will has aided the passage of every single piece of significant anti-terror Legislation.” – Attorney General, Alberto R. Gonzales (View>)
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Zachary Pfister
• “Zach’s relationships among congressional Democrats run deep.” (View>)
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Brian Wild
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