George Flyod’s Arrest

Here are the facts laid out as simply as possible:

On May 25th 2020, 46 year old George Floyd who had a COVID19 infection, broke quarantine to purchase a pack of cigarettes from a liquor store(Cup Foods) in Minneapolis, Minnesota using a forged $20 bill. Officers responded to the call from store clerk and found Flyod still sitting in his car at the scene. Officers questioned Flyod and upon being arrested, Floyd resisted all attempts to be placed in the police car and was seen uttering “I can’t breathe” and “I want to lay on the ground” before police officers finally put him out of the car and put him on the ground when Officer Derek Chauvin(5’9″ tall 154 lb) put his knee on George’s(6′-4″tall 223 lb) neck. George could be seen muttering “I can’t breathe” for 3 minutes before he finally became unresponsive and an additional 5 minutes afterward as passers by protested. A local bi-standard recorded the last scenes of this arrest and shared it on the internet when it went viral.

A judge ruled that George Floyds previous criminal record that included instances of alleged swallowing of large amounts of drugs would not be allowed in the officers defense, while allowing Chauvin’s previous arrest in which over use of force was alleged by kneeling on a suspects neck even though this procedure was allowed and even detailed in Minneapolis Police training as an effective way to subdue suspects experiencing “Excited Delirium“.

George Flyod’s autopsy and toxicology report found:

  • He had severe heart disease
  • He had COVID-19
  • He had a lethal dose of Fentanyl in his system
  • He had Methamphetamine in his system
  • He had THC in his system
  • as well as Caffeine in his system…. while going to buy cigarettes.

To date, their is no inclination that any of the officers involved acted with racial animus towards Flyod.

In a similar indecent in June 2018, Timothy Coffman died in while officers kneeled on his neck without any media attention (he did assault an officer however).

The subsequent protest marked a change in Trump’s political trajectory and dropped his approval rating 10 points .

The BLM riots that followed match the schedule of the presidential voting cycle and riots.

BLM Global Network Foundation claimed it took in $90 million dollars in donations in 2020.

Damages produced during the BLM “mostly peaceful” riots are estimated near $2 billion dollars.

BLM’s defund the police movement counterproductive to the communities they claim to advocate for and doesn’t apply to elites who used taxpayer money to hire private security details.