Dominion Representative Talks to Fox News

Fox News, a Disney affiliate, was good enough to host Dominion voting systems representative Micheal Steel to speak about the company’s positions. Some of us are still waiting for a cartoon mouse or duck to do cameos in the newsroom, but for now we get to settle for this person telling whoppers like “Nothing they are saying is true.” I’m sure there are used car salesmen that inspire more confidence, but they probably wouldn’t have had the moral pliability to accept the job. Besides, where are the people who actually work inside the company to answer these questions?

So we are left with Dominion’s representative, lets just call him “Mr. Steel”, who goes onto state that it would be “impossible” for their machines to switch votes. He suggests, without evidence, that the Dominion machine is simply not capable of being defeated. Apparently, the voting machine, which is basically an antiquated computer and printer in one, has a moral imperative that wouldn’t allow itself to cook the books for a preferred candidate.

His “gold standard” of paper ballots, that the machine prints out on site, corroborate with the voting tallies is doing little to inspire confidence. These figures that are making statisticians worry, as well as anyone who wants to verify the ballots that are being counted properly to begin with. One is left to wonder if Dominion and their cohorts are ever going to defend themselves personally, or are they packing their bags and gassing up their jets on the tarmac.

On top of all that, good luck trying to find out anything Dominion itself, seeing as how information is being scrubbed from the internet, but don’t worry, the pre-investigation “debunking” has already began. Rest assured there is no possible way that billion dollar elections would be corrupted by million dollar companies, with ties to the very officials who are “certifying” this farce .

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