Calling a Lid

Campaigning is hard work. Towards the end of October, President Trump was doing 5 rallies a day in order to appeal to voters (those are people over the age of 18 who are alive and legally registered to vote in the US) from all across the country. The 74 year old President’s energy was undeniable and a stark contrast to “Sleepy Joe”, who struggled to fill up any venue no matter how small. Seemingly unconcerned about winning the campaign, Joe Biden was on track to making the same mistake as his predecessor, Hillary Clinton, by ignoring the human beings who’s votes he would supposedly need to win the election. This was why many journalist were surprised to learn that On October 25th, Joe Biden “called a lid” on reporters questions and essentially suspended his in person campaign. Why would someone seeking office do that with 9 days left? Time Magazine might have the answer in a rather bizarre admission of election tampering and how the 2020 election was “fortified” to produce a favorable outcome for such a weak candidate.