81 Million Votes

In the oil rich country of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro was able to win the 2018 election in a landslide. The man who oversaw economic policies that have given rise to the starvation of the population (AKA “the Maduro Diet“) and the debasement of their currency to the point where toilet paper is more valuable, was able to win handily with 67.8% of the voting population. Although, some contest election, ultimately Maduro will remain in power for one simple reason. He has the military support and he controls the voting process.

Today, many are still surprised to see that the 78 year old pre-dementia patient Joe Biden was able to “win” the 2020 election with 81 million ballots being cast with his name on it (and many without any down ballot votes) in a election that was planned to be contested and fraught with unprecedented levels of “voting irregularities”. The inauguration of the “most popular President in history” has now planned for 25,000 National Guard Troops and they are even going so far as to make sure the troops are ideologically vetted in case they had any qualms about the new Presidente. The massive fences being elected all over the state capitol (apparently fences work now), are an eerie reminder that this “peaceful transition of power” is all part of the democratic process being fulfilled by elites that have no intention of addressing the actual concerns of the Jan 6th protest. All this while implying that violent confrontations in DC are a new occurrence (they are not) that constitutes an insurrection as they continue with their own coup d’etat. This, of course, following Nancy Pelosi’s call for Trumps 2nd impeachment days before Trump leaves office and even more disturbing is her attempt circumvent Trump’s authority as President of the United States.

Meanwhile, Old Joe calls for “unity” which is code for be silent and do as you are told. In a year that saw an unprecedented level of government overreach, many Americans have begun to see the true nature of The Establishment and those who don’t yet soon will. It is in the most difficult of challenges that greatness is forged… and America has a habit of underestimating itself.