Words, words, words…

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

There was a time when society protected children while teaching them to become adults. Everyone understood that children need guidance during these formative years, while allowing them to experience the world in measured doses and make their own choices. At times, they will make poor choices, but learning from this is how they grow and become civilized, reasonable and rational adults. Most of the most capable people in our society are those who have had learned to balance fear and uncertainty with potential rewards that come from each decision. These people have agency. They have “power” over their lives and their future. They are ‘privileged’ in that they have been raised by good parents.

With the rise of Cultural Marxism and the continually shifting definition of words such as what defines a “woman” or a “man”, or what is “hate speech” ect. What few people actually realize is that the goal is not an honest conversation rooted in logic and reason, instead these conversations are part of ideological power grab by a small group of mentally unhinged people mostly on Twitter who are filled with their own sense of self importance and power. They use their online presence to feed their own self righteous feedback loops that consequently served to create confusion and corral people into submitting to what is considered socially acceptable speech for the sake of the feelings of other mentally unstable people. Most of these people are useful idiots unaware of the entirety of the consequences of their actions, but as they continue to gain ground, America as a whole loses. Most of western society at large sees this as an annoyance or even a philosophical debate, and carefully pontificates on it while being extremely careful not to say the wrong thing and get “canceled” (ostracized and made to suffer both socially and financially through pressure from online and personal attacks lobbed at all aspects of a persons life).

What isn’t pondered by many, is that lurking within these forces is the tools of social programming that is becoming increasingly powerful at shifting our entire culture into accepting things we know to be untrue for the sake of avoiding confrontation. Phrases like “Trans women are women” or “There is no widespread voter fraud” or “The virus didn’t come from a lab in Wuhan China” have all been systemically pushed out into the public space by various experts, activist and media personalities in record time not because they were true, but because it became impossible for regular people to even talk about it openly. In a sense, the population was made to accept that these topics were verboten and so they became a defacto “truth” in so long as they go unchallenged. This is the Ministy of Truth is in full effect and 2 + 2 = 5.

For adults, this can be a difficult to balance, but for their children it is destroying their childhood. Some are able to see the ridiculous nature of this entire narrative, but like their parents are forced to play along to a certain extent for the sake of expediency. Others are not so lucky. Whether it is because their parents are fully immersed in this psychosis, or because they fall victim to this alternate (and fake) reality, they are being exposed to life altering decisions that can derail their destiny permanently without any rational check from “adults”. In essence, these children are primed to be the future victims of our society because their parents didn’t have the spine or the inclination to stand their ground and say “no” to these sociopathic bullies.