The LGBT Letter Train Grows Longer and more Unstable

Recently, Ellen Page(A biological female) has put out an Instagram post asking her followers to accept her new identity and pronouns. Ellen, who has been an actress since childhood, said she is happy to be reporting this new shift, but is struggling with the ramifications. Two years ago, Ellen married Canadian dancer Emma Portner (a biological female) and we can only imagine this might be a big change for both of them since she has gone on to delete her Instagram account shorty after the announcement. As a fellow member of the human race, my intention here is not to disparage either of these two people, but I would like to highlight the issues that I see swelling in the LGBT community and how that effects conservatives.

For many conservatives, homosexuality isn’t something that occupies their thoughts willingly. Perhaps a family member or friend might be gay, but otherwise, it’s a question that doesn’t get asked. The vast majority simply don’t care about other peoples sexual preference… or at least, that’s what they would prefer.

Unfortunately, that’s not what the fringes of society want. In the ever expanding quest for acceptance, the LGBT community keeps adding members who are more and more mentally unstable and need constant validation and attention. This isn’t to say that mental unstable people don’t exist in the heteronormative sphere, but they are typically less violent and have less risk of suicide. This becomes especially pronounced in the people with gender-dysphoria or the “T” in LGBT (Transgender). As disquieting as that is, it’s still a choice that could be made by individuals and consenting adults.

That is not where this is headed though. Every year this monster grows larger. For every new parameter that gets added, new and more exotic methods of inclusion must be adhered to by the even the most unwilling participants in the majority. In fact, that’s the point. Keep pushing until there is resistance, and then push some more. This won’t stop. Even children are being thrown into this mess and not for their own sake. As a species we have survived for millennia without fundamentally distorting our understanding of biology, but now we are being forced to humor someone else’s perverted sense of reality against our will. As crazy as it might initially sound, this is all part of larger plan laid out years ago by our adversaries to subvert the very fabric of this country using Active Measures.

Yuri Bezmenov Explains Active Measures (~14 min):