The word Propaganda is derived from the work a group of Catholic cardinals in 1622 looking to “propagate the faith” in opposition to the Protestant Reformation going on at the time. Simply put, it is an effort to change the way people view something. The connotations of propaganda being inherently evil derives from how you feel about the subject matter. Then as now, there are more than one side to any issue, but propaganda selectively targets one opinion at the expense of another.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, and the subsequent “15 days to slow the spread” derailed normal life in America, people have been inundated with more “information” then they would normally be forced to process. Usually, what would be considered “news” is meant to provide a balanced set of facts in a rational manner, and let viewers digest them while forming their own opinions.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. The traditional cable media companies who are all vying for attention are now competing with the quick and targeted delivery of social media and other content catered to specific users. To combat this, they’ve had to invent a specific niche market that caters to the most powerful marketing tools available, namely human emotions (fear,hate). Compounding that is the Social Media’s algorithmic reward system that further exacerbates the problem of emotionally charged news, and you are left with population of people who are driven to a frenzy in a time of great instability. Ironically, most people are aware that they are being manipulated to some degree, but have convinced themselves that they are still in control. Human beings are fallible creatures, but the events of 2020 will go down as a case study in cognitive dissonance.

Now that the world is approaching a new era of post-democracy politics, our leaders are beginning to drop the pretenses of representative government. As fences become a permanent fixture in the DC capitol, Joe Biden has signed a dictate halting construction of fencing at the US border with Mexico, a project he supported it at one time. At one point in time, this duplicity would have been shocking, but as Yuri Bezmenov sugested, we are in haze of ideological subversion where “despite of an abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions.”

It’s time for Americans to wake up and take charge of their destiny. Bezminov’s own prescriptions for fighting back are two fold. Firstly, a strong sense of patriotism and a national effort to recognize what makes this country good in every way (morally, ethically, and objectively) without getting trapped in the mistakes of the past. As a country, it is our vision of the future that should be taking center stage and building a sense of hope they we can unify around. Secondly, a consorted effort to reject the tenants of socialism – ie the welfare state and solutions from government that involve redistributionism.

Adding to that, one can’t help but imagine that since founding principles of this country are under-girded by Christianity, all citizens should at least be aware that “wokeness” is the religion trying to supplant it. As the country became more secular, the need for humans to be a part of something larger than just themselves was replaced with Cultural Marxism and the function of God was supplanted by a pliable set of ethics that are being distorted by evil. Bezminov, who grew up in Soviet Russia, may have not been confident in ability of religion to salvage lost souls, but the US has a sleeping giant in the Christian faith that may in fact be the bridge that brings everyone back together whether they are adherents or not.

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